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Some days your life seems like a vast nothing. You are busy sure. With house work, family, kids, work, hobbies. Your social life is on the up, but yet you feel as though something is missing. No matter how busy you are, or connected with others and your family. No matter how successful you are, you some how feel a loss of connection with yourself. 
For some people this is spiritural. A connecttion that they may need from something that they can not see but can feel. For some, it is the fact that somehow you lost yourself when you were on the quest for being perfect. There is no need to stay on this path and the moment you realise that something is missing from your life, you have the power to do something about it.

The thing about re-connecting, is there is no right answer anyone can give you. Sure they can pass advice, tips and some sort of direction or path; but ultimately the answers can only be discovered as you embark on your journey of self discovery and re-connection. This isn't anything to be ashamed or scared off. We all at some point or points lose who we are, even those of us who seem or feel as though we have it altogether. Think of it like broadband. One moment you are going strong in a direction that you are sure of and the next, nothing. After a few resets and switching off, you re-connect and you find your path again. 

Finding Your Path

Finding your path can be as simple as disconnecting yourself and starting again.  I don't mean abandoning your duties as a wife, husband, son, daughter, mum friend e.t.c, but by gradually letting go of the things that people take for granted. If you are somebody, that people expect you to do somethng, because you always did it. Hand over the reigns once in a while and let them do that chore, job or duty. Obviously if it is a required skill that they do not have, you can't, but you get the picture. 

Take time out to find space and comfort by being by yourself. Even if it is for 20 mins at a time, make it a ritual or habit. It could be every other day, 3 times a week, whatever you decide. 
If you need an aid to help you, like soothing music or sounds of running water, go for it, this is all about you and re-connecting with yourself. 

Some ideas for taking time out.

Go for a walk
Pamper yourself
Go and see a movie by yourself
Start a journal.
Take up a hobby (perhaps something you have never thought of doing) 

There are plenty of ideas.  

This may take some time, so do not expect results straight away or get frustrated because you haven't mastered it in a week. It is all about forming a habit, discipline and consistency, which will all come in time. 

Be patient with yourself and focus on getting that connection back.


Looking forward to new and fresh possibilites. 

As each season changes so do you . 

Photo by Titan Sparks Films  
I welcome spring as though it were a new beginning in my life. The excitement begins, as the door closes to freezing cold days and nights and a window opens to warmer days. The bloosoms on the trees, introducing the world to a dawn, a new beginging, a fresh start. Only a few months ago, the trees were shut off to the world and went into their own hybernation. Turning down for the cold months, for some much need rest. They build up their strength for the seasons ahead, sharing their beauty and food to those who wish to enjoy.

Like the trees I welcome the spring with open arms. Looking forward to longer days and the scenes of wonderful flowers in bloom. The scented breeze that is a reminder of whats ahead and the smiles on people's faces as they too look forward to new beginnings.

Spring is such an inspiration to me and a reminder that the circle of life continues. I've learned not to hold on to the past, and like the winter leave them where they belong, only looking forward to the posiblites that lay ahead. You do not need to wait for a new season to start a new. An hour or an instant moment  is just as good.

Take that first step of letting go of what has been said and done and write a new chapter.

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